The International Center for Hope & Charity

May 2009

Every year the month of May becomes a certain result of the year of work for the International Center for Hope. During whole year the volunteers have been attending two orphanages of Izhevsk where they have been playing with children, talking to them, discussing different and important topics, interacting. This was a kind of base and preparation for the Celebration of Light and Kindness that took place in May for the most merciful orphans. This year there were two celebrations – for the orphans and for the disabled children. The celebrations were a fairytale that adults played and acted for children. Many volunteers and young actors of the theatre “Pritcha” with its head Yury Chubukov took part in it. The final of the Fairytale that had many contests and proves of mercy and kindness for orphans was a huge amount of balloons that were released in the air – with children’s dreams written on it. The dream was almost the same for everybody – a secret and strong desire to have his own family. The balloons were blown away, each of the orphans got his own individual gift (that was formed with the help of the volunteers fr om abroad that sent many items of clothes and toys for orphans). The celebration was over – but it will always be present and alive in the memories of the orphans.   
Inspite of all the celebrations the work of the Center goes on in a general mode – weekly we have the Clubs for disabled children’s mothers and 15 foster parents, One-day Shelter for disabled children, meetings for orphans in two orphanages of Izhevsk. Also we had last session of the group for coaddicted women. What became a kind of result of this year of Clubs’ work is women’s desire to serve other coaddicted women and disabled children’s mothers’ desire to serve other people that need their help and support. At the same time the meetings for graduates go on at the office.

In Votkinsk we have the Club for Parents where families gather together weekly, children are busy with some hand made activities and parents watch films about up-bringing of children. This month 8 families attended. The Center’s volunteers attended Children’s Home in Votkinsk wh ere they played with 15 orphans, took a walk, etc.

15 needy families were helped with food and clothes at the ICH.

We thank every one who helps and supports us in our work. May the Lord bless you!