The International Center for Hope & Charity

May 2018


27 needy families received help

May 2018 was quite a busy month for ICHC team. The director, her interpreter and ICHC social worker went to visit with Huntsville supporters of the ministry to show them some results of the work and make reports. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the team stayed in Izhevsk to help needy families, women in crisis and foster parents. As usually, twice a week, we had reception days when people came to ask for help. In May 27 needy families of Izhevsk received help with food, clothes, shoes, baby formula, etc. Among those people there were families raising more than three kids, and grandparents (mostly grandmothers) who bring up their grandchildren whose parents are deprived of parental rights. 

The support groups for women in crisis continued to gather in ICHC office every Wednesday as well as our Prayer group did. 

As for the Foster parents Club we have, this branch of our ministry is well developing now. Foster families that attend meetings grow in number, and they are more and more interested in what our Christian counsellors suggest for them to do. They have individual counseling, support groups for moms, workshops for kids: we had a support group meeting at the end of May and a workshop of making bracelets and figures of glass beads at the beginning of May. Plus, we just began preparing for a camp in Selychka for foster families and adopted kids. We're having this camp on June 2-3. We expect 10 families with 12 adopted kids to attend. Our psychologists and volunteers are ready to serve and prepared a whole program. Your prayers are appreciated!

We thank everyone who supports our ministry! Thanks for your help and prayers! 

May the Lord bless you!