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14 needy families received help with food

14 needy families got assisted with a set of hygiene&household items

1 family received diapers for babies

1 family raising a handicapped kid received help

Dear friends! Here comes a new summer and it means that we’re going to tell you about ICHC work in May.

This month was rather short due to a bunch of days off the state provides for people in Russia- they include Labour Day and Victory day. But the International Center of Hope & Charity continued to help needy families in the city of Izhevsk.

14 poor families, including the ones with many children, received assistance with basic food, house & hygiene items and diapers for babies. Such help allows people to save some finances for others tasks in order to overcome a difficult life situation.

In the framework of “Let’s be merciful” program the Hopecenter provides support for families with handicapped kids. Some of our “children” get help more than once since the recovery and rehabilitation is not a moment’s work. Thus we helped the 6-year-old Fedya: we paid travel cost for him and his family to the clinic where he went through a rehab course.  Fedya has been doing a great job so far - he has learned to take up to 7 steps all by himself! Well done boy! Keep going!

Mend your sails while the weather is fine - just as we do. ICHC theatre group began discussing our future Christmas performances! At the moment we’re at the point of brainstorming and figuring out the ideas of the future plot. It’s for sure going to be a wonderful way to tell children about the birth of Christ and God’s love that He shares with us! We would love to do our best to make the performance very spectacular and beautiful for everyone participating and attending! Please pray for this ministry!

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