The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2007

The International Center for Hope directed it's attention to preparations for the 3 charitable Christmas parties that are due to be held on December 22 in Izhevsk.  The staff and volunteers prepared 1,550 gifts for the orphans that will attend.  Fourteen (14) needy families were assisted with food and clothing, also. The Groups for Healing Co-dependency continue to meet and work at  ICH, as well as, "The Groups for Graduates" from the Internoit #2 in the city of Izhevsk.  The meetings for those willing to learn as to how to deal and help mothers of disabled children were held, also.


In the Votkinsk branch of ICH, the activity was concentrated around the organization of leisure for children.  There are many varities of plans for the leisure time for the children that visit ICH.  There are several groups that meet weekly at The Center in Votkinsk that center their attention to "The Children from Needy and Difficult Families.  Activities are assigned that concentrate on the development of children's talents and abilities.  The groups help the children fulfill his/her particular needs.  Also, the children study to play table tennis, knit, play logical games, solve riddles, watch films and then discussion follows each film; the time for tea is observed. ICH has a "Doll Theatre" at the Votkinsk branch of ICH.  Often, these children can be rude and uncontrollable, but the atmosphere of love and attention has a calming influence on their behavior. 
Several needy families were assisted with food items and clothing, also.