The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2008

The month of November was devoted to the preparation of the greatly anticipated Christmas performance, which is planned for the end of December.  Orphans from the orphanages and asylums from the Udmurt Republic have been invited to attend.  The music and the scenario have been developed entirely for this performance by the volunteers of The International Center for Hope. At this time, the staff and volunteers are preparing the gifts, solving questions connected with the project, searching for funds that will enable us to purchase the rest of the items for the gifts, forming the gifts, and relaying the invitation to the orphanages and asylums from all over the Republic. The performance has been organized for 1,200 children this year.  Our goal is not only to help the orphans and give them some Christmas joy, but to involve as many people as possible in the charitable activities.

ICH organized a 3-day trip to Selychka at the beginning of November. Selychka is similar to a Winter Camp for Orphans that The Center has started.  There were 22 orphans that attended.  Games were played and the volunteers and orphans walked in the forest and shared their thoughts on the individuality of each person.

15 needy families received assistance with food and clothing at The International Center for Hope in November. As reported previously, The Club for Foster Parents and The Club for Mothers of Disabled Children continue to meet at The Center on a regular basis.  Also, the meetings for chemically addicted women and meetings for the Graduates of Orphanages meet regularly.

Our thanks to all who contribute to our work.  It is a wonderful activity and many have been reached that would otherwise be without.