The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2010


November is a very busy time for the staff at ICH.  They are making preparations for the upcoming Christmas performances that will take place January 7th in Izhevsk and on January 5th in Votkinsk.  Many are expected to attend: 1200 orphans fr om various orphanages, children fr om poor families and families with handicapped children. The preparations for Christmas are not complete just yet.  Many of the gifts have been purchased which includes candies, fruit and juice for each child.  The individual boxes have not been filled as of now but as funds come in, items are purchased and gifts completed.  The staff is sending out letters to various organizations asking them to give some support financially.  They are also accepting applications from the orphanages and children's homes that want to take part in the performances.  Meanwhile our volunteers are rehearsing the performance with the direction of the theatre group, "PRITCHA."

The Clubs continue to meet at The Center as before. The Club for Psychological Support for Disabled Children's Moms and the meetings with the social worker for these children meet weekly.  The Club for Foster Parent training, "These Children are not Somebody Else's Children" as well as weekly meetings with graduates from the orphanages, continue to meet.  You can gather more information from our website in the section 'Programs.'

During November, 35 needy families were assisted with food sets, clothes and shoes.

At 'The Hope Center' in Votkinsk, the staff and volunteers continue to meet with the orphans at "The City Asylum" wh ere they organized two Celebrations: Mother's Day and The Celebration of the Fall.  Taught by the volunteers, the children made small items, like photo frames and items devoted to Fall.  This was their preparations for the celebrations.  The parties included interesting contests, singing songs, and sweet rewards.









"The Club Family" meet at The Center wh ere moms and kids from poor families meet with the staff and volunteers of ICH.  Children played and made some hand-made items while the mothers visited with the staff and volunteers.  Lessons on bringing up children and the atmosphere in the family were topics covered during these meetings.

We want to thank all of the supporters and volunteers that assist us in this Ministry.  We appreciate your support and could not do this without faithful supporters.  May the Lord bless you, one and all.