The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2015


31 needy families received help with food and clothes

10 refugees asked ICHC for help

5 groups of orphans of different age are involved with activities by our volunteers

In November ICH helped 41 needy families with food and clothes, as well as vitamins and other things they needed. 10 families among them are refugees from Ukraine, 31 families are from Izhevsk. We also had 5 meetings with orphans this month at one of the orphanages of Izhevsk. Each week we had two self support meetings for women in difficult life situations (one group works according to the program "Mother's wisdom", another group works according to the program "an Excellent Way". We keep on preparing for our annual Christmas performances for orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. This year we are going to invite 1200 kids to attend the parties and receive our sweet Christmas gift. We are making costumes for the actors who participate in the play, buying candy, forming gifts and taking last rehearsals. The event is going to take place on December, 26th. We hope kids enjoy it! We are grateful to everyone who prays for us and supports us in this thing! May God bless you!