The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2016


40 poor families received help

2 children received funds for treatment

November was rather a busy month for us. 
In November our Hopecenter helped 42 needy families with food and clothes. Most of the families come from Izhevsk, but there are several that come from other areas of Udmurtia. 
As usually we hold meetings for coaddicted women according to the program The Most Excellent Way and for mothers of all ages called Mother's Wisdom. 
Except this, in November we offered a 13-year-old orphan boy with sarcoma an ipad with many Christian mouvies inside. At the end of November he had his right leg amputated. We hope to visit him once he is back from Moscow hospital. 
Also we helped a needy family from Izhevsk having a 7-year-old boy with brittle bones (Egor Vakhrushev). He has to go on rehabilitation to a Moscow clinic four times a year. We bought tickets to Moscow and back to Izhevsk for him, his mom and his grandfather (as an accompanying person). 
Our volunteers visit with orphans at Republic Orphanage of Ufmurtia (the biggest one in Izhevsk). On 11th-13th of November we organized a three-day trip to our recreation center in the village of Selychka for 24 orphan teenagers (mostly boys). They had fun together with our volunteers, played big and table games, did sports, walked in the forest, talked to each other in big and small meetings, had discussions about God and many other actual topics. We all had fun, and just hope the trip and the time spent together will be useful for our boys. They have grown up so much since we started working with them that it seems to us they are not just somebody else' children but ours. 
There is not so much time ahead of our annual charitable project Christmas Project for orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. So we are getting ready. Twice a week our theatre group has rehearsals of the musical play we are going to perform. Our faithful volunteers help us creating costumes and decorations. All the candy are bought and ready for forming presents (we are going to start forming them a little later). We are going to make 1250 sweet gifts for orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. 20 orphanages of Udmurtia have already applied to participate in our project. 
On the 25th of November ICHC staff had an honor to visit the orphanage of Glazov (a city in Udmurtia) and congratulate it on the 95th anniversary of the orphanage. This was an opportunity to make good presents to the orphans and have conversation with the director and staff of the orphanage. We offered them table football game, football and volleyball balls, big bactericide lamp and other things. We wish them wisdom and luck, and many good foster families for the orphans!