The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2008

The work and the activities at The International Center for Hope continues to be amazing.  We are on the threshold of the coming winter, so our volunteers are busy knitting warm winter mittens, scarves and hats.  These items will be given to orphans at The Asylum and the Orphanage of Izhevsk.  Needy families will also receive items that will keep them warm.  ICH supplied food items and clothing to several needy families this October month.

A new training program has begun.  A new group of volunteers are going to do volunteer work at "The Children's Home" in Izhevsk.  The training is being led by a psychologist and a pediatrician.  Our volunteers are continuing with their work at two orphanages homes in Izhevsk.  The Clubs, "Sunny Circle" for mothers of disabled children and our Club "These Children are not Somebody Else' Children" for those who would like to adopt a child continue and seem to be doing quite well.  The number of participants continues to increase, for which we are so thankful.


Preparations for Christmas projects continue.  ICH plans another performance for the orphans from many orphanages and for the children of needy families.  We are in the process of raising funds to purchase the items for children for Christmas.  We need funds in order to purchase the gifts for the orphans and the needy families. Hopefully and with much prayer, we ask for your support for this very important time when we do have a little more lee-way and can share our faith more openly.

Thanks to all that support our work.  We could not do this task without you.