The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2009


October continues to be a busy month for the staff and volunteers at "The International Center for Hope."  Weekly meetings of "The Sunny Circle Club for the Mothers of Disabled Children" that need psychological support, and the Club "One Day Shelter for Disabled Children" are held at The Center.  The kids draw simple pictures, sculpture simple items, sing together, make some theatre and hand-made gifts for their moms with the aid of a Social Worker. This guideline in The ICH work started with the financing of The National Charitable Funds as a grant project. Now, it is ongoing which is in thanks to ICH's staff.

ICH volunteers continue to hold meetings with the orphans in 2 Izhevsk orphanages.  Also, meetings for Graduates of the Orphanage Schools and Foster Parents are held at The Center.

In October, ICH assisted 24 needy families with food, clothing and vitamins.

Our branch office in Votkinsk, (Udmurtia), continues their work, also. In October the staff helped several poor families where disabled children are being raised.

ICH has begun to prepare for the annual Christmas project. This year, we are going to embrace 1,200 orphans and present them with sweet presents as well as the musical performances. The performances are going to take place in both Izhevsk and Votkinsk.

Thanks so very much to all who support us and help our dreams come true!