The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2010

Meetings are held at ICH weekly that include:"Sunny Circle", which is the psychological support group for mothers with disabled children.  The "One Day Shelter" for the children and the meetings for "Foster Parents" which entails psychological counseling for people that have adopted and those that would like to adopt orphans, and meetings with "The Graduates from the Orphanages." Volunteers meet with these orphans weekly as do the Psychologists.  More information regarding these club meetings can be found in the "Section-Clubs" on our website.




21 needy who applied for assistance to The Center  for Hope received food and clothing items.  ICH has "The Food Pantry" and "The Clothes Closet" at The Center to assist those in need.

The staff of ICH has begun to purchase the items for the gift boxes that will be given to each orphan that attends the Christmas Performance.  Many boxes are being arranged for these children and for the handicapped children and children in needy homes.  The Christmas performance will be held in January, 2011.

Volunteers of ICH in Votkinsk visited The City Shelter weekly.  They chat, play, draw, do origami with the orphans and build trust.  Orphans ages 3 years old to 15 years old attend these meetings regularly.  There are around 18 that meet on a regular basis.  Meetings were held for "Families with many Children" which is entitled "Family Hearth."  Tea, conversation with parents, games and contest for the children were held.  Once a week "The Family Club" meet at the ICH Center in Votkinsk.  This is the meeting of parents that have many children.  They come to The Center with their children and have a rest and tea.  It is a place to talk to each other, share their problems, support each other and to let the children play together.

The ICH staff and volunteers are grateful to all that support this ministry.  May the Lord bless you, one and all.