The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2017


28 Needy families with food, clothes and diapers for babies.

1 Young girl got helped with an electronic wheelchair

1 Family received some medicine for a sick kid

In October ICHC goes on working. We helped 28 needy families with food, clothes and diapers for babies. Also, we purchased some medicine for a family who has a sick child, and bought an electronic wheelchair for a young girl named Karine we are helping. Her story is on our website. We thank everyone who helped us buy it! The girl is happy!

Weekly we have support groups for young moms and women in crisis in general, they work according to the programs Mother's Wisdom and The Most Excellent Way. At the meetings, women share their experience in bringing up kids and learn how to effectively deal with family crisis and build healthy relationships with family members.

Our volunteers continue to visit with orphans at Republic Orphanage, they meet with 5 groups of orphans of different age. We also plan on organizing a three day trip in the country for orphans in November. We are working on it.

At the beginning of October we organized a big event for foster parents Club that works at ICHC with the help of Timchenko Charitable Foundation, Moscow. This was a two-day trip in the recreation area in the country for 9 foster families (including 17 kids). Two Christian psychologists worked on it and made up an interesting and deep program that included training, exercises, art therapy and group work. The Club for Foster parents takes place every month at ICHC office.


We keep preparing for our annual charitable Christmas performances: rehearsals twice a week, costumes, decoration, dances - we have everything being done. We began buying candy - we look for the best ones - to form gifts for orphans. Please pray for this project!
We would love to make this Christmas good and bright for orphans and kids from needy families!

We are thankful to everyone who help us in this big ministry!