The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2018


28 needy families received food and clothes at ICHC

3 families that raise a sick child received financial help for treatment

9 foster families participated in our Foster parents Club

October is usually a very busy month for Center of Hope & Charity ! We are getting ready for a big Christmas festival for orphans and children of needy families of Izhevsk. This year we are planning on making this event very special! This year we invited orphanages to dance and sing Christmas songs on the stage and then in the hall during the entertainment program! Plus we are going to have ICHC theatre group performing. Also we are going to have a big exhibition of orphans's drawings and paintings right there at the festival. And 1450 sweet presents for orphans and kids from poor families of Izhevsk!

We have already bought almost all of the candy - now we are checking everything and getting ready to fill in the gift boxes.

It's a breathtaking job - we feel we are touching Christmas mystery making it real! 

In October we continue to work on our current charitable programs - we help needy (28 poor families received food and clothes, a single mom with many kids received support with diapers for babies, two families that raise a sick child got helped financially to pay children's treatment/rehabilitation). We also help women in crisis and codependent women (Mother's wisdom program, Excellent way program) and have a Foster parents Club (this month we had 2 meetings with psychologists - for parents and teenagers from foster families, individual counseling; plus we made a presentation of our social project in the city - to tell as many people as we can about our charitable activities for adopted kids and their parents). 

We thank everyone who helps us in our ministry! Those who donates, raises funds, works voluntarily and prays for us! We can't thank you enough! May the Lord bless you!