The International Center for Hope & Charity



10 needy families received help with food

7 needy families got assisted with a set of hygiene&household items

5 families received diapers for babies

4 adoptive moms attended a course

3 families got helped with medecine

The second month of the fall has been quite impactful!

10 needy families of Izhevsk received assistance with basic alimentary products, hygiene & household items and diapers for babies. (Продукты, быт химия, памперсы)

A young mom from Izhevsk suffering from a serious disease, got helped with an expensive medicine that needs to be taken for the whole month. Another young mother of three kids, orphan herself, had a stroke during her last pregnancy and still can’t fully recover. ICHC paid a 10-day course of massage for this woman, purchased formula for her 10-month old baby and helped their family with food, hygiene items and diapers. Some friends of ours prepared good quality clothes for the mom and her three children.

We also have one more needy family from Izhevsk raising a baby boy who has just had a liver transplant surgery and now needs some therapy and procedures in a Moscow clinic. The Hopecenter bought both ways tickets for the family to help them get to the clinic as soon as they needed.

At the end of October Foster parents Club gathered together at ICHC office to take a psychological training to help moms get rid of emotional tension and their stressful experience. Four adoptive mothers had a chance to first “clean” their inner space from destructive experiences and then thank God for everything they have and are given, including their kids. Besides, they took some time to have a more careful look at some difficulties they face in life and had other women express their opinion and give pieces of practical advice concerning the situations.

We continue to get ready for our annual Christmas performances. We hope the epidemiologic situation doesn’t prevent us from organizing it off-line, and at the beginning of January 1500 orphans and children of needy families of Izhevsk are allowed to come and see the musical performance about Christmas and celebrate God’s love together with us.

So far we’ve designed the costumes - they’re being prepared, rehearsals are taking place every week, volunteers are getting ready to form and pack sweet gifts, half of candy for them is purchased and delivered to our office.

Christmas is on its way! We’re looking forward to having this celebration with the kids!

Join in! Let’s celebrate Christmas together! Let’s share Christmas joy with 1500 kids in Izhevsk, Russia!

Our dear friends!
We thank everyone who helps and supports us in our ministry! Your contribution is highly appreciated!

Please, pray for ICHC team, volunteers and everyone who support our activities! May the Lord help us all be strong and healthy and serve Him as well as we can!