The International Center for Hope & Charity

September 2015


19 needy families got help

13 families of refugees received assistance

1 family received help in buying diapers

In September ICH goes on working. We helped 32 needy families with food, clothes, vitamins for children (among them 13 families of refugees from Ukraine and 19 families from Izhevsk), one of families received assistance in purchasing diapers for a baby.

Apart from that ICH volunteers restarted meeting with orphans in one of the orphanages of Izhevsk. In summertime orphans were not in orphanages but in summer camps, but since September they go to school again, so they live in the orphanage. So now volunteers visit them again once a week. They talk to each other, they tell stories which are useful to hear, they are ready to listen to the orphans (because sometimes there is not a listener for them, teachers can be busy, and they stay face to face to their problems). Orphans are always glad to have someone to visit them, and to whom they can talk simply and honestly. There are meetings in 4 groups of orphans: in the group of the youngest ones (6-10 y.o.), in the group of kids of 10-11 y.o., in the group of teenagers of 13-14 y.o. and in the group of 15-17 y.o.

Also we are planning to organize a trip to Kazan for orphans to visit the city and the Kazan waterpark.

Also, we continue preparing for future Christmas performances for orphans – our theatre group get together regularly to discuss the script of future play and distribute parts in the play. If you like to see more information about how our Christmas charity performances go, see our website pages (Projects – December and January).

We are thankful to everybody who supports us in our ministry. Thank you! Thanks for your finances, for your prayers, for your time! God bless you greatly!