The International Center for Hope & Charity

September 2006

It is Fall now, with lovely colors of leaves that are falling and a mild wind and warm sunshine. Most all people here spend time outdoors to enjoy for winter is fast approaching. The staff of ICH organized and held a 2-day camp at the recreation center in the village of Selychka. The children at the Orphanage/ Internoit School #2 participated and were so excited. The topic of the camp was "Moral Freedom and its Bounds." Discussion groups, led by volunteers, covered how each person is different and has a different personality, as well as, self-limitations.
Except for the serious discussions that were held, the children/ orphans had the opportunity to play different games outdoors and indoors. A special Scout Game called "Rope Course" was organized for the children as was other activities. The children also were offered to help the recreation center's guard saw firewood for the banya and for heating the building. They agreed with eagerness and had a great time working together gathering and carrying the firewood. The staff and volunteers could see in their attitude that it brought about a good change in character and in the relationship with the staff and volunteers. What a breakthrough!!!
The Center continues to hold meetings twice a week with volunteers. The psychologists lead these meetings and great results are being recognized. We continue to work with the parents and the children with hopes that all can be together in the near future. We also continue with the Sunday classes with the orphanage/internoit school #2. The children look forward to the classes and many are opening up more freely. Tea is served and games are played in both settings. This year, the ages range from 11 years to 14 years old and then the smallest/younger children. We have 3 groups of children, teenagers that are being taught more about living a Christian life and how to pray and about Jesus. The love that is shown and the kindness they receive helps the children and teens to respond to the volunteers and psychologists more openly.

September is the beginning of the new school year, also. Many orphanages need school supplies in order to prepare the children for the new school year. ICH assisted those that needed the help. ICH also assisted Internoit/Orphanage #75 in the City of Izhevsk with funds needed for the organization of the anniversary of the orphanage. We have done this in the prior years and as always, they are so appreciative. This is a ministry in itself.

ICH also presented to the Orphanage for Neglected Children of Izhevsk sets of toys for sand-boxes, balls, skipping ropes and other sport kits. ICH also assisted 12 needy families with food and clothing. Our Clothes Closet and Pantry is stocked through gifts from friends from other countries such as America, and through donations from the citizens of Izhevsk. Food items are purchased and kept in the pantry in order to build food boxes for needy families.