The International Center for Hope & Charity

September 2007

September is always a busy month at ICH.  The staff prepares for a new and exciting season of the work at ICH.  Volunteers met to discuss the future of the ministry of ICH and agreed that the message in the programs and projects are exciting and have had great success!
ICH has applied for a Grant with a large charitable organization in order to receive financial support for the work at ICH.  “A Home Where Love Lives” will continue to be one of our programs but it was discussed that new guidelines of ministry are needed to offer new ideas and ways of meeting the needs of The International Center for Hope and the programs and projects that are offered.
The Graduates fr om Orphanage #2 met at The Center on a weekly basis.  The teens have tea with the volunteers while listening to the message of Christ and His offer of salvation.  Personal testimonies were and are given, also.
The International Center for Hope in Votkinsk followed 2 general guidelines: help the needy families that come to The Center for help and hope; The Children’s Center “Friends Club” that focuses on the needs of the children fr om those needy families in Votkinsk. 
During the “Friends Club” meeting, sports were played, tea was arranged and served, and the staff was on hand to listen to actual topics that the children wanted to discuss.  Afterwards, the staff  and the children visited the Museum of Local Lore wh ere they learned some of the history of the region.  They finished at the museum and then went to the forest for a cook-out.  They cooked sausages and enjoyed the fun and games while in the forest.  They visited the livery stables wh ere they were allowed to feed the horses.  What a neat idea!  The children had a wonderful time.
During the month of September, 13 needy families were assisted with food, clothes and school supplies.