The International Center for Hope & Charity

September 2008


Activities resumed at ‘The International Center for Hope’ after summer vacations were ended.  Thirteen needy families received food and clothes from “The Clothes Closet’ and from ‘The Food Pantry’ at ICH.  Several families with young children received vitamins and nourishment for their children. 

Volunteer groups at ‘ICH’ held the meetings at The Center with orphans from one of the orphanages of the City of Izhevsk as well as meetings with teenagers that graduated from the orphanage.  A new group of volunteers are being led by ‘ICH’s” psychologist in learning how to deal with orphans for they will soon be visiting the children at ‘The City Asylum.’  The meetings take place weekly.


Psychological rehabilitation of the mothers of disabled children is held once a week with the guidance of a psychologist.  Also, we hold a monthly support group meeting for people that adopted a child or that would like to adopt a child.

Another group gathers together once a week in order to support each other and discuss the problems that they face.  It is the Group for Co-Addicted Women that are having many difficulties in their lives.  This group follows the ’12 Step Program’.

During the month of September, ICH assisted many families that live in the surrounding country villages of the Udmurt Republic with clothes and shoes.  We also helped 3 orphanages of Udmurtia with vessels, some furniture for bathrooms and living-room, etc.

Preparations for the Christmas projects for orphans are under way.  This is an annual event that has been taking place for the last 8 years.  The direction of the performance, scenario and original music is done by citizens of Izhevsk, voluntarily.  ICH is in the process of raising financial support for buying the gifts for the orphans for their Christmas present.  This year is rather difficult for us and we really need any and all support that you may feel led to give.

Blessings to you all from the Staff and Volunteers of ‘The International Center for Hope.’