The International Center for Hope & Charity

September 2010

Annually and traditionally for ICH, August is the month of preparing for a new working year. The staff and volunteers are making plans for future projects, as well as, cleaning and office works. September has come and gone but ICH staff and volunteers continue to work on projects, helping those in need who come to The Center Office for clothes and food items and directing many spiritual moments with them. The Clubs are now meeting regularly: The Graduates Club for those who are leaving the orphanages and internoit schools meet weekly.
The Support for Moms with Disabled Children is meeting weekly.

During the meetings with the Moms with Disabled Children, an American couple joined them to share similar problems as participants have. There were lots of questions and answers. The adults and the children met together, joined in conversation, played games, sang songs, and the children shared some of the things they had learned at The ICH Center. The atmosphere was one of interest, intrigue, friendliness and many topics emphasized pain, suffering, mutual understanding, and compassion. We all have learned that compassion and pain do not have limits.

Several families and orphans were assisted in August and September. Clothes and food items and school supplies are stocked at The ICH Center in order to assist those in need.

Thanks to all that contribute to our ministry.