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26 needy families received help with food

24 poor families got assisted with a set of hygiene&household items

9 needy families received diapers for babies

2 family raising a handicapped kid received help

SEPTEMBER Newsletter

Dear friends! It’s the fall finally! We at ICHC are looking forward to having this season come as we know we can do our best for people who find themselves in need. In cold times like Russian fall and winter, our work is essential! So it’s time to tell you about our work and ministry in September!

This month was rather cold in Izhevsk in comparison to the warm and even hot August - the temperature outside broke the record since 1933, it was the hottest summer ever. Now it’s the other way around – quite cold and even freezing, but still really beautiful! Nature is always wonderful!

But cold times are harder for people than hot weather. Having to take care of warm clothing, they still need something to eat and, of course, spend more money on schooling for children as it’s the beginning of a new school year.

In September ICHC helped:

26 needy families with basic food products,
24 families with hygiene and household items,
9 families received big packs of diapers for babies.

By the way, this month we expanded the size and amount of the sets of hygiene and household items that we give to poor families. Those are often families with many kids and they need and spend more of goods of the like.

In the beginning of September, a meeting of Foster Parents Club took place in the office – moms finally gathered together to hang out, discuss the summer news and give each other a hand as they can! Our Christian psychologist Olga was there to help as well as Galina, ICHC director, who is always ready to share her wisdom with others. That was a precious time of drawing closer to God and getting to know Him better – sometimes even through some difficult experience.

We’re getting ready for our upcoming Christmas performances! This is going to be a story about time - how time suddenly goes broken and starts to go backwards, to the opposite direction. Clock hands go backwards, chaos reigns in life. There are going to be scenes from different ages and centuries going on and down till they reach the time of birth of Christ where everything becomes finally settled down and fixed because Christ and the love of God is out and beyond times. So everything becomes fixed and the time goes in right order again. Everyone is praising Christ.

The music is almost ready - this time Slavsa Kuznetsov and Nadya Korepanova who is the regent of our church choir, composed songs. Dance rehearsals begin next week. There are also people who make the musical arrangements for the whole performance. Usually it’s a big part of work and they record the music bit by bit, song by song, part by part.
In a word, our Christmas performances are a big mechanism where everyone has his own part, role and occupation. We’re very thankful for all the people who takes part in it and works for Christ. That is a blessing!

In September ICHC helped two families bringing up handicapped kids – a girl named Varya and a boy named Oleg. Unfortunately, the girl has cancer and needs special treatment. Some of the procedures are free of charge for her, but others are not. So we helped her family pay for those.

Oleg has chromosomal abnormality and has difficulty digesting food. He needs special alimentation which is rather high priced. ICHC bought several bottles of it for Oleg, but the boy needs from 10 to 20 bottles of this formula each month. We would appreciate you praying for the boy and his family!

We say THANK YOU to everyone who supports our work and ministry financially and in prayer! We appreciate your participation and contribution to our ministry! We could not do any of this without you!
Stay strong and healthy! May the Lord bless you! See you next month!

Love and prayer,
Galina Alieva and ICHC staff
Izhevsk, Russia